Breathe Easy Mask Pattern

After trying out some different styles of masks, I decided that I needed to create a new pattern to combat the issues my family was having with the other designs.

Breathe Easy Face Mask Pattern and Instructions (PDF)

DIY Breathe Port Instructions (PDF)

This pattern is free for distribution, so please feel free to share it with others who might benefit from these features:

Shows man wearing protective face mask.
Shown with Breathe Port option.

  • Soft seal edge helps prevent glasses from fogging up and keeps moisture inside of the mask.
  • Sits further away from nose and mouth, making it easy to talk, and better for people who can’t tolerate constriction.
  • Doesn’t use “ear strap”, which can cause bruising, chafing, and cracking of the soft tissue behind the ear.

Ready-to-Sew Mask Kits

For those who don’t have access to fabric or elastic, I am also offering Ready-to-Sew kits in my Etsy shop. They include everything you need to mask a Breathe Easy mask, and are precision cut by laser, ensuring pieces will arrive free of fraying, and ready to assemble.

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