Combrush – $5.25

These work much better than standard combs for smoothly blending wig dye, and also work very well as maintenance and styling combs. (Especially for long wigs where a longer toothed comb would become entangled.)

Detangler Comb
Katie’s Detangler Comb – $2.99

Katie recommends these combs for easy detangling of wigs. (We file down the handle to make it smoother before sending them out!)

Learn more about how to use these combs here: The Secret of Good Combing (PDF)

Dreadlocking Comb
Dreadlock Comb – $3.69

This aluminum comb is a MUST HAVE for making realistic dreads with synthetic fiber. The rough, uneven teeth make short work of ratting, and they’re strong enough to survive several Captain Jack Sparrow wigs! ^_^

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