How many monsters can one woman create?

If you are into tabletop gaming, and hang out with other people who share your hobby online, you may have run into my work. Aside from making wigs, costumes, jewelry, buildings, etc, I also make my own dice.

Take one guess whose hand that is.

While my husband is the “face” of our Etsy, I’m the one to blame for it’s occupation of so much of our time. Just like with anything else I do, I can’t settle for “okay” or “good enough”. I have to keep raising the bar until I push it right through the roof. I didn’t want to make dice that were basically a standard 1 though 5 with “F— YEAH” on the 6. (Although I could.) I wanted to make dice that didn’t exist before.

For necromancers, or really weird dentists.

Now, this would have been all well and fine, except that other people like them too. So, instead of breaking my back making wigs, now I’m breaking my wrists making dice. I know, it’s supposed to be one of those “good problems” to have more work than you can handle, but combined with my workaholic nature, it just means I never get any rest.

Sadly, not edible.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to get back to writing was to move away from production. I have the kind of mind that can create anything with ease and excellence, but my body can’t keep up. I want to make beautiful things that others can enjoy with their minds as well, so when the inevitability of declining health takes our hands and eyes, we can still enjoy a good story in bed. ~K

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