Petting Zoo Wig Dye

Wig Dye Colors - Shown on White Fiber

The Original is Back!

Petting Zoo Wig Dye for Synthetic Wigs works on all synthetic fibers (even heat resistant!) with consistent results. Just spray it on, comb it through, blowdry and rinse. No messy ink, no clumpy paint.

  • Colors can be overlapped or directly mixed with each other to create THOUSANDS of shades.
  • 100% Vegan Ingredients – No animal testing.
  • Also works on faux fur, feathers, metal, wood, paper, and more!

4oz Dye Kit InformationFREE Download:
World of Wigcraft by Katie Bair – Chapter 8: Custom Coloring

Swatch Chart with the original 6 colors the dye was premiered with in 2005.

Swatch Chart showing the original 6 colors the dye premiered with in 2003.

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