Tutorials from The World of Wigcraft

Katie Bair's The World of Wigcraft
Here are a few of the Beginner tutorials available in The World of Wigcraft. These cover some of the most popular questions Katie has received at her workshops. If you are interested in having Katie come give a workshop at your event, please see the Panels and Workshops page for more information.

How to Wear a Wig Cap and Wig (PDF)
The Secret of Good Combing (PDF)
Using Wig Conditioner (PDF)
Using Pomade (PDF)
Using Styling Glue (PDF)
How to SAFELY Straighten a Wig (PDF)
Cutting Made Easy: Scoop, Scoop, Scoop (PDF)
Adding Bangs to a Wig (PDF)
Making Jumbo Spikes (PDF)

Want to see more? Here’s a sneak peek of the Intermediate and Advanced lessons:

World of Wigcraft - Intermediate Lessons
World of Wigcraft - Advanced Lessons

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