Five Down, One to Go!

When I first started Golden Doll at the beginning of this year, I never thought there would have been a book six. I never even knew there would be a book two, honestly. As I’ve touched on before, the way my mind works doesn’t allow me to see ahead in the story, even by a single scene, but I can tell that this is the conclusion of the Egodrive saga. It feels like the culmination of all the previous events are pointing toward a terminus about 50,000 words ahead of where I am.

I’ll be going under the knife for spinal surgery soon, and I’m going to have to get the rest of this out before that happens, or it will drive me insane. I’m not being figurative, I actually wake up delirious if I can’t get the story out, like my brain gets stuck in the paused video of the scene, and tries to superimpose it onto reality to make sense of it.

Last week, when I was in too much pain to type, I woke and stared at my husband lying next to me. I thought to myself, “He’s so pretty. It’s too bad he’s not mine.” Then I kissed him on the head, and thought about the nano-bridges in his stubble.

I’m about a third of the way into Knowing Rose right now, and my surgery is likely going to be scheduled for the next five days. Can I write 10,000 words a day? Yes, yes I can. Should I? No, probably not.

However, they’re already going to be in there to fuse my spine regardless of how much more I do to it between now and then, and I might actually DIE during surgery. So if there’s a chance I might not make it, I’d rather not leave the story paused, unfinished, for all eternity. – K

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