Iron Wig 2017 Round 1 is Over!

I just discovered this morning that my entry was submitted late, which means I will be penalized 25% of my total score. I’m not gonna lie, that’s a huge chunk of points, and I was quite bummed to find that out, especially since I thought I had until noon to send my photos in. (It was noon CENTRAL time, not local time.) But my son made it to school on time with breakfast in his tummy and brushed teeth. So I’ll take that victory.

Here is my entry for Round 1. I will be selling any wigs I make during this contest and donating the money to Valley Children’s Hospital. I will also be giving away any gift certificates I receive, so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for more details later on.

California Dreaming Wig by Katie Bair

ALL of the entries for Round 1 can be seen here: Iron Wig 2017: Round 1

I also took video while I worked so folks could see into the process of building this wig: Making of California Dreaming Wig

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