Take a Look at the Entries for Iron Wig 2017 Round 2

Even with the time handicap, I managed to complete my entry for the Seasonal Dye Challenge round of Arda Wig’s Iron Wig competition.

I chose summer as my season, because I rarely ever see summer chosen in competitions like this. This is my representation of an old man’s memory of his childhood, on a summer’s day. Specifically, an old man who is losing his memory due to Alzheimer’s. The world of that summer day is small, reduced to just a hill and a tree in his mind. The details are fuzzy, the proportions are off, but the colors and the warmth are clear.

Everything you see is made of wig fiber; there is no glue or foam. The fuzzy details were needle felted using fiber from the wig, and everything was dyed using my own Petting Zoo Wig Dye.

Remember, I will be selling any wigs I make during this contest and donating the money to Valley Children’s Hospital. I will also be giving away any gift certificates I receive, so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for more details later on.


Here are all of the entries for this round: Iron Wig 2017: Round 2

I also took video while I worked so folks could see into the process of building this wig: Making of Summer Memories Wig

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