Iron Wig Round 3!

All of the entries are in for the third round of Arda Wig’s Iron Wig competition. This was a freestyle round, so we were allowed to do anything except use wig fiber that wasn’t part of the materials sent for the round. (Which was a Jeannie wig in Magenta.) Since I got 1st place in the previous round, I was awarded immunity. This means I was able to take a risk and try something TOTALLY INSANE without worry of being eliminated if the judges didn’t like it.

So I built a working carousel out of the wig, with animals inspired by Discworld. (Except the goldfish. I was going to do a rat, but I didn’t think anyone would ride on him.)

There is no glue, foam, or hairspray in this wig. I took my felting technique to the next level with fabric and wet-felt effects, and everything was dyed using my own Petting Zoo Wig Dye. I also figured out how to dye the fiber a “lighter” color than the original shade through an optical illusion!

Remember, I will be selling any wigs I make during this contest and donating the money to Valley Children’s Hospital. I will also be giving away any gift certificates I receive, so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for more details later on.

Here are all of the entries for this round: Iron Wig 2017: Round 3

I also took video while I worked so folks could see into the process of building this wig: Making of Vive la Carousel Wig

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